Off-Ramp for January 27, 2007

Rabe, baby

Mercer 7510

Joe Clark, HBSS; Courtesy of John Rabe

The late WT "Bill" Rabe and son John, c. 1967.

This is my dad, the late WT "Bill" Rabe, and me forty years ago. My dad was a friend of the late lamented satirist Art Buchwald. The link takes you to an old Buchwald column about Silent Records, one of his many schemes.

An old-time PR man, Dad also invented Unicorn Hunting, World Sauntering Day, Stone Skipping, and Word Banishment. Angelenos might remember Dad's frequent appearances on Charlie Tuna's morning shows on KIIS-AM and FM, 10Q, KHTZ-FM, and KRLA.

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