Off-Ramp for April 21, 2007

Mercer 7598

New Art

The Inland Empire is about to pass another cultural landmark. UC Riverside is going to graduate its first Masters of Fine Arts students. John Rabe checks out an exhibit of their work that's showing at the Sweeney Art Gallery in downtown Riverside.
Mercer 7599

See's Coffee Club (a.k.a Coffee Roasters)

For decades, Darline Miller has met her friends at See's Coffee in Riverside. Queena Kim tagged along to ask, "What was Riverside like before the tract homes and malls?"
Mercer 7600

A Chicken Sandwich is a Chicken Sandwich

Jeff Girod, who pens the Fast Food Dude column at the Press-Enterprise, visits Chick-fil-A. It's a fast-food joint that you can't find in central LA or the Valley.

Tree of Life

The Inland Empire is home to one of the world's oldest orange trees. KPCC's Steven Cuevas takes you there.

Horsetown U.S.A.

The City of Norco is one of the few remaining cities in Southern California where the whole town is geared towards horses. Queena Kim met up with Berwin Hanna, who's a hoofer and president of Norco Horseman's Association.
Mercer 7601

Journalism's Gold

Longtime LA food-writer Jonathan Gold wins the Pulitzer Prize. He talks with John about his passion for good food.
Mercer 7410

Would You Eat Granny?

Off-Ramp commentator and marine biologist Milton Love says if you eat old fish, there may be no fish. (And he's not talking about the fish that's been sitting in your refrigerator.)
Mercer 7602

House of the Future

John Rabe meets up with Off-Ramp architecture critic Sam Hall Kaplan at "Open House," an exhibit at Pasadena's Art Center College of Design that imagines the future of the house.

Moscow Cats

A circus, of house cats? John Rabe investigates.

Rio De Los Angeles

KPCC's Molly Peterson talks with John about Rio De Los Angeles (a.k.a. Taylor Yard). It's a converted railroad yard in the Cyprus Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.
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