Off-Ramp for June 2, 2007

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People of LA Unite! Park in Malibu

Beach watchdog Jenny Price points out an illegal "No Parking" signs on PCH. The city of Malibu put them up at homeowners' requests, but they're illegal.
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How to Stay On the Beaches

Not only are there misleading signs on PCH, but homeowners erect them on the road as well.
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Malibu Beach Victory

Jenny Price tells us how activists got access to to public beach near David Geffen's house.
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Straight Story

Novelist Susan Straight was born and raised in Riverside. She sets most of her stories there, but for her sixth book, A Million Nightingales, Straight looked east to Louisiana. Straight explains the turn and reads from her novel.
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John's veggie-mobile goes high-end

John fills his Mercedes up with veggie oil at Providence, a restaurant in Hollywood. While there, chef-owner Michael Cimarusti tells John about sustainable seafood.
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Summer Jobs

At a new city jobs program a few days ago, LA City officials disclosed their first summer jobs. Off-Ramp intern Andrea Domanick went to ask ordinary citizens: what was their first?
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Artists at Eden's Edge

Hammer Museum is showing a major exhibit of contemporary art called Eden's Edge. Lari Pittman is one of the featured artists.

Instrument or not?

Queena brings you the sound of the Ten Theremin Orchestra, which played at Disney Hall recently.

Loscon 38 sci-fi convention asks, where's our flying car? Dale Hoppert answers.

Nov 25-27, the LA Science Fantasy Society runs Loscon 38, the annual sci-fi convention. The topic this year is something that's been on Commentator Dale Hoppert's mind for some time. Where's my flying car and my robot pal. In other words, what happened to the future we were promised?

Schickele's Cellos

Peter Schickele is one of our most important living classical composers. He's in town this weekend for the premiere of Three Cellos, which he wrote for local chamber group Pacific Serenades.

The (other) Holy Book

It's the Bible for Southern California gardeners. It's the Sunset Western Garden Book, and it's been completely revised and updated. Editor Kathleen Norris Brenzel talks about the changes.

Reporter's Roundtable

KPCC Senior Editor Nick Roman reports on a new study about women's health in L.A. County. The upshot: it's not a pretty picture.
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Sound off: Pained in Malibu

Off-Ramp listener Christopher Murray, an actor who lives in Glendale, shares a painful Malibu Beach story.
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