Off-Ramp for July 14, 2007

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Note from John Rabe

One of the things we want to do on Off-Ramp is to give newcomers some of LA's context by talking with witnesses to its history. This week, I talk to Bob Kholos, one of those witnesses. He was Tom Bradley's campaign manager in the 1969 and 1973 mayoral campaigns, then his chief of staff. Bradley came into office at a tumultuous time and it was Kholos' job to help see him through it. -John
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Bob Kholos I

This segment starts with a clip of Tom Brokaw interviewing former-mayor Sam Yorty in the 1970s. Yorty was being challenged in the mayoral race by Tom Bradley, who became LA's first African-American mayor. Bradley's press secretary Bob Kholos tells us that LA's racial landscape was much different back then.

Bob Kholos on the SLA

Mayor Bradley came into office as the SLA, the Symbionese Liberation Army, was making headlines. Bob Kholos talks about the SLA's bloody shoot-out with the LAPD in 1974. And John Rabe talks to radio reporter Jim Mitchell, who gave a play-by-play of the shoot out.
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Bob Kholos III

Kholos tells us how City Hall has changed since he was working there in the 1970s.
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City Hall Tower

John Rabe breaks a few rules to climb the city's forbidden tower. John's guide, city hall's very own "Deep Throat."

It isn't easy being Green.

John Rabe talks to movie and TV star Tom Green about his new Internet channel.
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Sana Sana

Speaking of Resolutions, what about learning that second language? Spend five minutes with KPCC staffers as they teach you children's rhymes in Spanish, Polish, German, Armenian, and Korean.

Santeria Botanica

Botanicas are sort of spiritual convenience stores. They sell candles, beneficial herbs, sacred items, and services ... like fortune-telling and rituals. Botanica El Congo Manuel 5712 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90038-3202 (323) 463-5736

Rooney Weighs In

"Andy Rooney" on the Mayor's affair.

Trivia: AnimeExpo

Listeners answer last week's trivia question: Ted Knight.

Music featured this week on Off-Ramp

The Skullcaps - "It's a New Day" Faluas Do Tejo/Madredeus - "Adoro Lisboa" Carla Bruni - "Quelqu'un M'A Dit."
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