Off-Ramp for September 1, 2007

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Some Pig

Magician Ricky Jay shows John his collection of centuries old ads of performing pigs, legless wonders, and flea circuses. The collection is at the Hammer Museum.

Bob Baker's historic Marionette Theater up for sale

Legendary puppeteer Bob Baker takes Queena Kim on a tour of America's longest running Marionette Theater. Bob Baker has announced that ticket sales haven't been enough to cover the overhead of his Marionette Theater in downtown LA, so he's putting the property up for sale.
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Mid-Century Chimes

John goes to the Huntington to play what might be the world's biggest set of wind chimes. It's a 19-foot sculpture by mid-Century master Harry Bertoia.
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Cattle Call

More than three hundred cows - not to mention cowboys and dogs - hit the streets of Costa Mesa as crowds of people watched history march by. Producer Ben Markus sent us this audio postcard.
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Deep Beef

L.A. Times food writer Charles Perry takes us to an old-fashioned pit barbecue, born when California cattle barons were shipping hides back East and meat was pennies a pound.

The ABC's of BBQ

LA Times food writer Russ Parsons gives advice on throwing a barbecue that you, the chef, can enjoy.
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Domanick on Spector

Joe Domanick fills us in on the Phil Spector murder trial, which is set to close soon.

Songs of Protest

The Latin American musical form called nueva trova was big during the protest movements of the 60s and 70s. In the Southland, trova hasn't taken root until recently. KPCC's Adolfo Guzman-Lopez reports.

The Big Picture

Douglas McCulloh tells us about the world's biggest picture.


Last week, on our food show, there was a lot of lip smacking, mmmmming, chewing noises, and fairly frank talk about how animals that wind up on your plate, and we heard about it from listeners.
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