Off-Ramp for October 6, 2007

Mercer 7723

Wine Country: Echo Park

Joe and Heather D'Augustine always dreamt of having a vineyard. And so they grew one in their backyard in Echo Park. Queena Kim took a trip to the D'Augustine vineyard, which is just steps from their home.

Wine Country: Slow Pickings

There's nothing fast about making wine. From sun-up to sundown, Joe and Heather D'Augustine pick grapes, sort 'em, crush 'em and start all over again.

Wine Country: A Tasting

After a week of fermenting the grape juice, Joe and Heather bottle and taste the wine.
Mercer 7725

With Mallets of Forethought

The Pasadena Symphony opens its 80th season next week with a rare performance of Philip Glass's Concerto Fantasy for Two Timpanists and Orchestra. Glass wrote the piece for Jonathan Haas, who will star at the opening night event.
Mercer 7726

United in Hate

Off-Ramp commentators Angela Shelton and Frances Callier say neighborhoods are alive in well in Los Angeles.
Mercer 7727

Sisyphus has his rock and Alys his bug

The Hammer opened a new show highlighting the work of Francis Alys, a Belgian-born Mexico resident who works in a wide range of media, including video.
Mercer 7728

Spider Pavilion

KPCC's Doualy Xaykaothao watches the "Bug Guy" Brent Karner feed spiders at the Natural History Museum's Spider Pavilion.

Spider's Web Snares Genius

KPCC'S Patt Morrison talks to UC Riverside biologist and "spiderologist" Cheryl Hayashi. She a newly inducted MacArthur Genius.
Mercer 7729

Homeboy is Here To Stay

Homeboy Industries, the gangster rehab center, opens an expansive new headquarters in Downtown L.A. John Rabe spoke with Homeboy founder Father Greg Boyle.
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Wes Parker Reflects on Baseball

KPCC's Kitty Felde takes us out to Dodger Stadium for a conversation with six-time Golden Glove winner Wes Parker.

Listener Call: LAX Pylons

A listener asks: why do the pylons flash red, white and green? Off-Ramp asks the question to Paul Tzanetopoulos, one of the the designers of the light shows on the LAX pylons. If you have any questions, call 213.621.3404
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