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Off-Ramp for October 6, 2007

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No April Fools in this show. Just real good stuff.

The Long Beach Grand Prix is next weekend, so veteran driver Tommy Kendall takes us through the twists and turns, and give us his top five tips and peeves about driving in LA. ... We talk with a first-time film director who says he learned a ton about making films working as a valet car parker at a Sunset Strip hotel. ... Former Mythbuster Adam Savage on his his new stage show, Brain Candy, which comes to the OC Tuesday, which makes learning about science fun and immersive. … We go to Parker Center in downtown LA (photo, right), a graceful and architecturally significant building, but tainted by its connection to the bad old days of the LAPD.

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Donna Fuller's albums are eBay gold, and her life is an Only in LA story

“No blue skies and no green grass” is animator Genndy Tartakovsky’s rule for "Samurai Jack." He tells us about bringing back the wandering samurai (right) for Adult Swim. ... Meet jazz singer Donna Fuller, a sultry contralto who made two albums that are now eBay gold. ... It would be enough if we went to the shop where they make custom limousines and hearses, but they also make custom hunting trucks Middle East potentates use when they hunt with their falcons.

The many worlds of George Takei

The remarkable George Takei gets the whole hour. We get an exclusive preview of JANM's new George Takei exhibit, talk with George himself about his life and times and his new role in the Sondheim musical “Pacific Overtures,” hear from "To Be Takei's" director that George is NOT a performer at heart (WTF?!), and hear George and John Rabe sing. Maybe. If there's time.

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