Off-Ramp for May 24, 2008

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Garrison Keilor Loves LA

Garrison Keillor is surprised to find himself defending LA to his friends. For all its faults, he finds a lot to like. Garrison Keillor will be performing at the Greek Theater on June 6.

Song: "California" by Joni Mitchell

A track from her 1971 album Blue.
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A Way With Words

Meet artist Wayne White, set designer for "Pee Wee's Playhouse" and art director for Peter Gabriel's video "Big Time." Now he's best known for painting big words on dime store landscape prints.

Song: "You and Onions" (Hidden Track) by Meiko

Yes, she's singing about hot dogs (and love) on this track from her self-titled album.
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Straight Story

Novelist Susan Straight was born and raised in Riverside. She sets most of her stories there, but for her sixth book, A Million Nightingales, Straight looked east to Louisiana. Straight explains the turn and reads from her novel.
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Something Fishy

It's a good thing opponents of same sex marriage aren't fish. Commentator Milton Love explains the "non-traditional" sex lives of fishes.

Song: "Frank's Wild Years" by Tom Waits

A track from his 1983 album Swordfishtrombones.
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Bunker Hill Revisited

Off-Ramp regular Jerry Sullivan reads Raymond Chandler's description of Bunker Hill and talks about his past drinking life.
Mercer 7722

Sad Life, Great Writer

Commentator Marc Haefele says hardboiled novelist Ross Macdonald deserves more attention. Like many of his characters, Macdonald led a sad life.
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Tarzan of Tarzana

Kevin Roderick continues his tour of the Valley. This time, Edgar Rice Burroughs. Think Tarzana.

My Way on the Highway

John and the LA Times' Ralph Vartabedian find peace and a better way of life by cruising down the Pasadena Freeway at 45mph.
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