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Off-Ramp for June 14, 2008

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Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Charlie LeDuff gave up his jet-set life to become a stay-at-home dad. "I find myself staring into the rearview mirror of my career."
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Jeff Girod sounds off at busybodies who want him and wife to reproduce.
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Dad's in Jail

Meet Jim Gates, a middle-aged guy who recently picked his dad up from prison. Philip Gates was arrested for protesting at the School of the Americas.

Dad's in Jail - Part II

Jim Gates picks up his dad from jail.

It's A Good Day to Be a Songwriter in L.A.

Singer-Songwriter Priscilla Ahn talks to Off-Ramp contributor Christina Huh about her debut album A Good Day.
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Retro Surf Photos

Surfing photographer Maggie Marsek catches the 70s vibe - and big waves - with her dreamy color photos.
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Alice in Puppetland

Miniature puppets march on Disney Hall, which is hosting a Toy Theater Festival this weekend. Off-Ramp contributor Ekene Okobi checks out their new rendition of Alice in Wonderland.
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Father's Day Traditions

Actor Christopher Murray talks to John about the father-child tradition of turning a chunk of wood into a toy car.

Decoding the Graduation Garb

Off-Ramp producer Queena Kim asks UCLA's Meg Sullivan about the history of graduation gowns, hats and hoods.

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