Off-Ramp for February 14, 2009

Mercer 8121

StoryCorps: In Sickness and Health

KPCC is partnering with StoryCorps, the oral history project. This week, since it's Valentine's, Kurt Evans and Raul Alonso reflect on their relationship, and on Raul's 17-year struggle with HIV.
Mercer 8122

Cherryholmes: Live in-Studio

Fresh off their Grammy nomination, the bluegrass band Cherryholmes plays a gig for Off-Ramp, and talks with Queena Kim about how they're trying to put their stamp on bluegrass.
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Next Week: The Ashes of Oakridge

Next week, we'll revisit the Off-Ramp documentary, "The Ashes of Oakridge." In November, the Sayre fire struck the Oakridge Mobile Home Park in Sylmar; residents called it "the Beverly Hills of mobile home parks." It was the biggest destruction of homes in Southern California in recent memory. We find out what kind of place Oakridge was, why the fire happened, whether future mobile park fires can be prevented, and what future the park and its survivors face.
Mercer 8105

The Man Behind StoryCorps

StoryCorps founder David Isay tells John how the project got started, and shares his favorite Valentine's Day stories.
Mercer 8123

Sparks Will Fly

L.A. based brothers Russell and Ron Mael have been globe-trotting for thirty years as the pop band Sparks. Off-Ramp contributor Kevin Ferguson talks to the eccentric duo about their career and their upcoming V-Day gig at Royce Hall.
Mercer 8124

Happy Birthday, Lincoln Imposter!

Barry Cutler has played Honest Abe for the toughest audiences around: public school students. Nobody ever yelled at Raymond Massey or Henry Fonda: "You're dead! You're a fraud!"
Mercer 8125

Snowdays in SoCal

This is real life for KPCC engineer Dale Hoppert, who lives in Mt Baldy Village, but it looks like an animation cel.

Harold and Belle's Authentic Creole

Off-Ramp restaurant-tourer Steve Wasser (left, with sausage) says if you're not eating at this South LA icon, you're part of the problem.
Mercer 8078

For Every Lover, a Schlepometer

Driving is a huge part of living in Southern California and quite often a hassle. For Valentine's Day, Off-Ramp contributor Karen Fritsche asks, "How far should I drive for love? And for sex?"
Mercer 8086

Bluesman John Bigham

Roots and soul singer/guitarist John Bigham (a.k.a. "John Black") sings from his new album, Black John.
Mercer 8119

Animation Nation

Last week's Off-Ramp guest Tom Sito shares his thoughts about Saturday's animation wake.
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