Off-Ramp for March 21 2009

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YOUR financial help allows us to keep you informed about our community's struggles (the Sylmar fire), its successes (the Food Bank network), its entertainers (Tom Jones), and its quirks (How to get skunks out from under your house!). And it helps us upgrade our equipment (pictured). We hope that you enjoy this compilation show, and that you contribute to KPCC by clicking here. It's easy, it helps us air top-notch programming.
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He's Alive

John talks with international music superstar Tom Jones about his album, "24 Hours," and about being one of the best pop singers ever...for 40 years.
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The Ashes of Oakridge

Off-Ramp's Queena Kim and KPCC Reporter Frank Stoltze take a look back at "The Ashes of Oakridge," a radio documentary that was made possible by your support of KPCC. In November, the Sayre fire devastated the Oakridge Mobile Home Park in Sylmar. Residents called it the "Beverly Hills of Mobile Home Parks." Please contact us if you have comments about the documentary. And feel free to pass along the doc to those who may have been affected, or to anyone who wants a fresh look at the impact of Southern California wildfires. Thanks!
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Hard Times Hit Home

Susan and Jay Antani, of Los Angeles, talk with KPCC's Frank Stoltze. They've both been laid off, and they're expecting a baby.
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Skunk Be Gone

Have skunk problems? John Rabe has a solution. Hint: they have four legs, a tail and go woof, woof!
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Food Banks in Need

John talks the people who use food banks and the people who run them. 89.3-KPCC partnered with the L.A. County Regional Food Bank during the fall fundraiser, and listeners bought 200,000 meals for hungry families.
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Food for All

Joan Whitenack (pictured) runs a food bank distribution center in Monrovia. She tells John that she's seen an influx of middle class folks since the recession began.

They Produce

John visits Coast Produce in Downtown LA--one of the organizations that (like KPCC) partners with local food banks. Healthy giving promotes healthy eating.
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