Off-Ramp for Jun 06, 2009

Mercer 5160

Billboard Art

John checks out an exhibit of glorious Kodachrome photos of LA billboards from the 1950s and 1960s, assembled by LA's preeminent photojournalist Gary Leonard. The photos (and billboards) are like time capsules of another era.
Mercer 5153

Crafting a Beautiful Marriage

Sam Maloof was a giant in American Arts and Crafts and he died recently. Queena Kim met Maloof and says the story of Sam Maloof begins with Freda.
Mercer 5157

When Garcetti Scored Libretti...

You've heard of Rogers and Hammerstein and Lennon and McCartney. But what about Yorkey and Garcetti?
Mercer 5155

What about the Funnies?!

John wonders what will happen to his beloved Candorville, Frazz, Peanuts, and Zits if newspapers die. He posed the question to artists and publishers at a cartoonists' convention in LA.
Mercer 5158

Cheese-Wiz Andre Rieu

Mix Yanni with Celtic Women, Arthur Fiedler, and Lawrence Welk. What do you get? André Rieu. Off-Ramp's classical music critic Craig Curtis previews the waltz-meister's Nokia show.
Mercer 5156

Dinner Party Download

Norway's Datarock toot their own horn... we're knocked out by a drink served beaten, not stirred... and Brendan eats BBQ with a side of vinyl.
Mercer 5154

Crosswords at a Crossroad?

If newspapers continue folding, how will we satisfy our Crossword cravings? John poses the question to puzzle wiz Will Shortz, the editor of the NY Times Crossword.
Mercer 5159

It Takes a Character voice a character. "Mary Tyler Moore Show" alum Ed Asner tells John about the challenges of voicing cartoons. Asner plays the curmudgeon Carl Frederickson in Up.

Bob Baker's HISTORIC Marionnette Theater

This week, LA city council named the Bob Baker Marionnette Theater a Historic-Cultural Monument. Listen to a few Off-Ramp features - old and new - that visit the storied cultural center.
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