Off-Ramp for July 18, 2009

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Shulman, 98, Left Mark on Architectural History

Julius Shulman, renowned photographer of Modernist architecture and dean of LA's photographers, died on Wednesday at the age of 98. John spoke to Shulman in 2005 at his 95th birthday party at the Getty, where his archives are now housed. (Photo of Shulman and Rabe by Gary Leonard.)
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Appreciating Walter Cronkite

(Note from John Rabe: I posted this earlier this week, before news reached us Friday that Cronkite passed away.)
I stumbled acros an eye-opening video before I learned that Walter Cronkite, anchor of the CBS Evening News from 1962 to 1981, is dying of cerebrovascular disease, according to his family. The video tells you everything you need to know about Cronkite ... (MORE INSIDE)
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This Week on CyberFrequencies: Kids on the Web.
Rug-rats Olo and Lola tells us about iCarly, the #1 kid’s show on TV. And a mom tells us why she’s not keen on kids on the Web.

A Kindergarten teacher tells us why she blogs with her 5-year-old students (Wait, do they even know how to read?)

To see A VIDEO of the new iCarly tribute show go to CyberFrequencies
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Homeboy Industries v. Recession

LA's Homeboy Industries, which gets gang members out of gangs by giving them jobs, has taken some big funding hits. In a very frank interview, Homeboy's founder, Father Greg Boyle, told KPCC's Frank Stoltze he may have to kiss goodbye a huge amount of funding the state owes Homeboy. He also calls out the city and county for using Homeboy's services -- like tattoo removal -- without paying for them. He told Frank he's worried Homeboy may have to cut back on some of its services if it can't raise more money.
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We're on Twitter

The five members of Team Off-Ramp are now Tweeting. Follow Us and John Rabe, Queena Kim, Jackson Musker, Andrea Domanick, and Kevin Ferguson will be your eyes and ears in Southern California.
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The Off-Ramp TemperaTour - Parts 1-5

In 2007, during a nasty heat wave, two prominent weather experts -- Bob Patzert and Steve LaDochy -- drove around with John and took Southern California's temperature, exploring the region's trends, microclimates, and weather controversies along the way.
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The Off-Ramp TemperaTour - Parts 6-10

From the Mountains to the Beaches, more with John, Bill, and Steve.
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Route 66 the Hard Way

Shine, a South Korean native who lives and works in Tennessee, is biking back home, and it taking Route 66 as far as he can. He started Monday, July 13th, in Santa Monica. He hasn't told his parents -- they'd think he's crazy, he says -- and his girlfriend back in Tennessee already thinks he's crazy. Read on for new photos and an update from Shine...
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Mishna Wolff is Down With That

Humorist Mishna Wolff, who is white, says she grew up in an all-black neighborhood and her father, who is also white, like her, thought he was black. Brendan Newnam, of Dinner Party Download, talks with Wolff about her new memoir, "I'm Down."
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