Off-Ramp for August 22, 2009

Mercer 5317

The Baader Meinhof Complex Returns

The Baader Meinhof Complex, nominated for an Academy Award and Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film, returns to the Egyptian Theater for a special limited engagement Nov. 27-29. John Rabe spoke with Stefan Aust, who wrote the screenplay and the definitive history of this West German guerilla group.
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Cyberfrequencies: The Facebook Future

This week in the Web, Facebook's been making news. It bought FriendFeed, friended the Huffington Post and rumors are that the developer of Netscape will help launch a new browser that might couple with Facebook. What's this mean? World Domination. Step one: take on Google. We talk to Wired's Fred Vogelstein, who wrote a story about the brewing war between Facebook and Google. And Arianna Huffington gives us a glimpse of the future.
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Recession Proof? Old Comics!

Jamie Newbold, a former San Diego cop and now owner of Southern California Comics, tells John why comics are steady business even in hard times. He also reveals his picks for worst comic ever, and the most interesting.
Mercer 5351
John talks with four experts at Comic Con so you can get up to speed on the latest and greatest Science Fiction books.
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The Ball of Fire

Betty Rowland, 94, was a burlesque dancer from the late 30s into the early 60s and performed regularly at places like the Follies Theater in Downtown. She joins Kevin Ferguson to talk about the good old days. (Photo links inside)
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Dinner Party Download

This week: British comedian Josie Long speaks positively...we supposedly meet the King of Albania...and Rico eats Peruvian and asks "Why fries with that?"

Talking Succulents

Off-Ramp producer Queena Kim talks succulents Buck Hemingway, who owns "Prickly Palace" in Riverside.
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Call Her "Hawkeye"

Environmental Reporter Ilsa Setziol takes a closer look at the wild predators soaring above us with ornithologist Dan Cooper. Warning: There's a rather disgusting description 1:12 into the piece.
Mercer 5344

Ancient Arabesque

Sam Hassan, an immigrant from Syria, has mastered Ancient Arabesque, an ancient geometrical and spiritual art form. It's on display in the "Colors of the Arab World" art show at the American Friends Service Committee offices in downtown Los Angeles ...
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