Off-Ramp for August 29, 2009

Mercer 5374

Web Exclusive - Nicholas Meyer and John Rabe

KPCC's John Rabe talks with author and filmmaker Nicholas Meyer about his new memoir, the tasty and eminently readable "The View from the Bridge: Memories of Star Trek and a Life in Hollywood." Here's the raw audio from the interview, much of which will appear on a later Off-Ramp. He's signing the book Wednesday (9-2) at Borders Northridge and Thursday (9-3) at Village Books in the Palisades. Come inside for "the shooting script" for the interview...
Mercer 5400

The Ashes of Oakridge

Less than a year ago, a wildfire devastated the Oakridge mobile home park, a small, tightly knit, and by all accounts idyllic community in Sylmar. Queena Kim and Frank Stoltze produced this documentary, in three parts, The Ashes of Oakridge.
Mercer 5358

Whittier Boulevard - Part 1

... in which John and Charles begin their tour of Whittier Boulevard. Where do they start? What is that behind Charles? How do I get there? Well, come inside!

DIY - Take Your Own Whittier Blvd Tour

We've made an interactive map so you can take your own tour of one of LA's most vital, historic, and interesting boulevards. Come on inside, print it up, and explore your city.
Mercer 5356

Whittier Boulevard - Part 2

Part folk-art environment, part muffler shop, part tire store, part ice cream stand and part museum, it's El Pedorrero!
Mercer 5366

Whittier Boulevard - Part 3

Off-Ramp and Charles Phoenix visits the Home Of Peace Jewish Cemetery.
Mercer 5360

The Pilgrimage Continues

An official LA Archdiocese Catholic cemetery (containing John Barrymore's grave, for one) lies on Whittier Boulevard.
Mercer 5370

Whittier Boulevard - Part 4

In part 4, we visit Porky's Restaurant (est. 1957) famous for its carnitas by the pound.
Mercer 5365

Whittier Boulevard - Part 5

Whittier Boulevard: the ultimate staycation site?
Mercer 5375

Whittier Boulevard - Part 6

The team examines the historic Golden Gate Theatre, sister to Pomona's famous Fox Thatre.

Whittier Boulevard - Part 7

In which John and Charles weigh the merits (or lack thereof) of the Chase Bank at 5301 Whittier Blvd. Massive terra cotta sunscreens finished in a crackly green glaze surround this ultra mod, mid-century worlds fair pavilion-style building.
Mercer 5362

Dream Burger

Tour guide Charles Phoenix proves that a Chroni's burger is worthy of a close-up.
Mercer 5367

Whittier Boulevard - Part 8

In which Off-Ramp visits Chroni's Famous Sandwich Shop.
"Located in unincorporated Los Angeles County, it is not subject to the city's historic preservation guidelines. State and National monument status is dependent on the whim of the property owner. And so she sits, caked in plaster, under the blazing east side sun, waiting for something to happen."
Mercer 5381

Sight Reeding

Meet the LA Phil's principal oboist, Ariana Ghez, one of the best in the country and not even thirty. She told Queena Kim the secret truth about playing the oboe: it's all about the reeds.
Mercer 5380

Haefele on Carey McWilliams

Off-Ramp literary commentator Marc Haefele says Carey McWilliams is required reading for anyone who is serious about understanding Los Angeles.
Mercer 5382

Baptism en Mass

Abel Salas takes us to a downtown LA church where hundreds of infants are baptized every weekend. The photo depicts another mass the Pacific Ocean circa 1930.
Mercer 5351

Books That'll Blow Your Mind

John talks with four experts at Comic Con so you can get up to speed on the latest and greatest Science Fiction books.
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