Off-Ramp for September 12, 2009

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Rodney's Still Rockin'

If you lived in L.A. in the 1980s, then you probably remember DJ Rodney Bingenheimer's show on KROQ, "Rodney on the Roq." Bingenheimer helped launch bands like Social Distortion and X, turning L.A's nascent punk scene into a movement. Rodney's show just celebrated its 33rd anniversary, and he's still playing his favorite new artists every Monday night from midnight till 3 a.m. Off-Ramp's Andrea Domanick talked with Rodney about punk, parking and pint-sized prodigies over his nightly bowl of barley bean soup at Canter's.
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Rodney Recommends...

KROQ's distinguished DJ offers us a five song mini set of his favorite contemporary LA bands. You can stream them right here after the jump. (Details inside)

CyberFrequencies: Poetry's in Motion

As text shrinks to tweet-sized bytes, poets have taking their art--in all its brief beauty--to the web. Tao Lin turns instant messenger conversations into dystopian lyrics. Katie Peterson tweets "to frame her soul." But does this poetic populism cheapen the art? Local poet and programmer Robert Peake joins the discussion as the writers parse the meaning of "poetry" in today's media-saturated environment.
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"Andy Rooney" on Mike Duvall

Have you ever noticed that Andy Rooney seems to almost enjoy politicians who get tangled up in their own trousers?
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KFWB Dumps All-News Format, Workers Mourn+Memorialize

KFWB, which led the way in the all-news, all-the-time format in 1968, has switched formats to talk, with hosts like Dr Laura. KPCC's Hettie Lynne Hurtes went to a wake for old KFWB staffers, and talked about the old times with Joy Nuell, Rich Buhler, and Brian Bastien.
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Covering the 1974 SLA Shootout - With Bullets Overhead

Jim Mitchell was one of the many reporters in the KFWB newsroom. John Rabe talks with him about his scariest story -- covering the SLA Shooutout with the LAPD from just feet away.
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He Bailed Himself Out

Bail bondsman Carlos Zamora left the gang life long ago, but he still faces peril when he navigates the streets. KPCC's Frank Stoltze spoke with him near the 77th Street Police Station about the challenges of living in South L.A.
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Now That's a Powerful Shoeshine

KPCC's Frank Stolze happens upon City Attorney Carmen Trutanich and Councilman Dennis Zine at Ricky Freeman's downtown shoeshine stand.
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Dream Job: The Santa Monica Pier

KPCC's Brian Watt headed over to the Santa Monica Pier just before its 100th Birthday, and met Eric Broeske, who's been helping maintain the landmark for almost twenty years.
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Rest in Peace, Ms. Baines

The world's oldest person, Gertrude Baines, just passed away in South LA at 115. Earlier this year, John attended Gertrude's birthday party and talked to an aging expert about "super-centenarians." He and the LocalFrequencies crew also filmed the media frenzy at the event; come inside to see their video.
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