Off-Ramp for October 10, 2009

Richard III -- Played Straight

A Noise Within opened its 2009-2010 repertory season this weekend with Shakespeare's Richard III, and they didn't set it during World War One, or have Brian Eno design the sets, or have everyone dress as spaniels. Here's the long version of Off-Ramp host John Rabe's interview with cast and crew, including part of the nasty, creepy, famous wooing scene. ... And the short version we'll play on Off-Ramp this weekend. UPDATE: For our Halloween Off-Ramp, we've added the creepy, disgusting wooing scene, in which Richard wins the hand of lady Anne -- the woman he's just widowed. It's revolting, and well played. Just click on the third piece of audio above.
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With the economy - or the mis-management of it - emerging as the biggest story of our time, Off-Ramp contributor Andrea Domanick tries to figure out why nobody is teaching kids about personal finance. Andrea meets up with Chuck Currier, a high school finance teacher, at the mall to find out what kids know, and don't know, about personal finance. Then she confronts her mother. While Andrea learned the value of earning what you spend, she asks her mom, why didn't you teach me how to spend it responsibly?
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Ed Asner's Radio Roots

Ed Asner -- who won Emmy’s as Lou Grant on 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "Lou Grant," as well as the star voice on Pixar’s magical “Up!” -- not only got his start in radio, but continues to act in radio plays. Saturday, October 17 at 10pm on LA Theatre Works on 89.3-KPCC, Asner is Branch Rickey in “Mr Rickey Calls a Meeting,” about Jackie Robinson and baseball's race barrier. Then, Asner is in “Once in a Lifetime,” LA Theatre Works' season opener at the Skirball Center, from October 21st through the 25th, and this will be for future broadcast on KPCC. KPCC's Off-Ramp host, John Rabe talked with Asner last spring about acting on the radio.
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Off-Ramp music correspondent Kevin Ferguson says you should check out The Raincoats at the Echoplex Sunday. Link inside for their only LA show EVER.

Hey! Rabe Has a Blog!

Go back! Go back to the KPCC home page. And check out the blog section. John's is called "John Rabe." Or come inside this segment for an easy link to one of the John's latest blogs...
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The Natural History Museum is hosting its annual Eight-Legged Freak Fest… otherwise known as the Spider Pavilion. The LA theater company Moving Arts has teamed up with museum to create a play called Arachna*topia. Off-Ramp contributor Eve Troeh spoke with Jessica Chisum, and Jenny Bokoch, who will both perform in the play next Saturday.

Watts Towers Too Strong

4/9/10 UPDATE: LACMA and Watts Towers are talking about a partnership to help maintain and curate the Towers. Here's the piece we ran in October... This weekend, they're commemorating the moment fifty years ago when city engineers discovered that Simon Rodia's iconic Watts Towers were no danger to the public, and too strong to be pulled down. Now, as City Critic Sam Hall Kaplan told KPCC's Frank Stoltze, the Watts Towers are to LA what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. Come inside for a wonderful 1957 documentary about the towers.
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Dinner Party Download

Brendan sizes up humorist Andy Borowitz, we unearth a corny communist plot, and Rico gets tips on tipping.
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