Off-Ramp for October 31, 2009 - The Halloween Special

Have You Thanked a Bat Today?

Mercer 5835

Ian Waldie/Getty Images

A grey-headed flying fox. The typical bat silhouette isn't as common in big brown bats (at left).

Bats get a bad reputation - especially around Halloween - so bat rehabber Deborah Crough tries to educate people about how the furry mammals help our local environment. Off-Ramp contributor Jackson Musker flitted down to Deborah’s Long Beach home, put on some gloves, and met two of the bats in her care. (Click on the second audio link above for a web exclusive demonstration of how to pick up a fallen bat!)

Check out the links at left for more information on bat rescue and preservation. You can also build your own "bat house" to give the species a friendly place to roost.

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