Off-Ramp for October 31, 2009 - The Halloween Special

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R.H. Greene's new Dracula memoir, "Incarnadine"

Writer R.H. Greene moved from LA to Bulgaria, close to the Romanian border, to write "Incarnadine, the True Memoirs of Count Dracula," which gets to the the legend's historical, emotional, and literary roots. The first piece of audio is an exclusive long version of the interview. The second is the shorter version we're airing for the Halloween edition of Off-Ramp. Come inside for info on his Book Soup reading.

Hey! Rabe Has a Blog!

Go back! Go back to the KPCC home page. And check out the blog section. John's is called "John Rabe." Or come inside this segment for an easy link to one of the John's latest blogs...

Chris Ames on the Ghosts in Laurel Canyon

Chris Ames gets help from a dog who gets help from a ...
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Bob Marland's Sandwich Mystery

Note from John: When I worked in Fort Myers, FL, we had a commentator named Bob Marland, who had lived a wild and wonderful life. He looked like a standard-issue retiree, but he had owned a cattle ranch and rode roundups, owned and ran radio stations, kept a bottle of Cutty in the back of his pickup and raised hell, became a Lt Col in the Air Force and knew Jimmy Stewart, and much more. He recorded this story -- about attempted murder among settlers in Western Nebraska -- some time in 1991.
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Bela Lugosi, Jr. -- Life with Father

From the archive, Off-Ramp's John Rabe talks with Bela Lugosi, Jr., the son of the horror icon, who helped shape intellectual property law in California.
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Marv Wolfman took Dracula places nobody have ever imagined when he started writing issues of The Tomb of Dracula for Marvel. The New Teen Titans and Vigilante are other highlights in a long career. In the first audio item, KPCC's Off-Ramp host John Rabe talks with Wolfman about Drac and the others in this Off-Ramp exclusive long-form interview. The second piece of audio is the shorter broadcast version.

Solar Power for the People?

Off-Ramp's John Rabe talks with new energy blogger Herman Trabish from the floor of the big solar convention held this week in Anaheim - Solar Power International. The first piece of audio is the long version of their interview; the second the short version for busy executives.
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Have You Thanked a Bat Today?

Bats get a bad reputation - especially around Halloween - so bat rehabber Deborah Crough tries to educate people about how the furry mammals help our local environment. Off-Ramp contributor Jackson Musker flitted down to Deborah’s Long Beach home, put on some gloves, and met two of the bats in her care. (Click on the second audio link above for a web exclusive demonstration of how to pick up a fallen bat!)

Richard III -- Played Straight

A Noise Within opened its 2009-2010 repertory season this weekend with Shakespeare's Richard III, and they didn't set it during World War One, or have Brian Eno design the sets, or have everyone dress as spaniels. Here's the long version of Off-Ramp host John Rabe's interview with cast and crew, including part of the nasty, creepy, famous wooing scene. ... And the short version we'll play on Off-Ramp this weekend. UPDATE: For our Halloween Off-Ramp, we've added the creepy, disgusting wooing scene, in which Richard wins the hand of lady Anne -- the woman he's just widowed. It's revolting, and well played. Just click on the third piece of audio above.

Kids Read the Darndest Things, Hank Rosenfeld Discovers

When he was a teacher's aide, Hank Rosenfeld had a lot of time to think about kids and books. (Hank is currently touring with his own book, which he wrote with the late-great screenwriter Irv Brecher, called "The Wicked Wit of the West: The Last Great Golden Age Screenwriter Shares the Hilarity and Heartaches of Working With Groucho, Garland, Gleason, Burns, Berle, Benny, and many more." Come inside for details...
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Peek Inside Mimi Pond's Dressing Room

Off-Ramp commentator and cartoonist Mimi Pond takes us to her holy of holies -- Ross Dress For Less.
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