Off-Ramp for November 14, 2009

MOCA Turns 30 with Gala, Exhibit from Permanent Collection

Mercer 5951

John Rabe

A tent crosses Grand Avenue as MOCA prepares for its 30th anniversary gala.

MOCA is marking its 30th anniversary with a cluster of celebrations, including a gala Saturday that's blocking Grand Avenue and that you probably haven't been invited to. (Send pics if you have.) Off-Ramp host John Rabe looks at 30 years of MOCA with Off-Ramp contributor Sam Hall Kaplan and Eli Broad, the billionaire philanthropist who helped create MOCA 30 years ago, and helped rescue it from near financial ruin last year. Our first piece of audio is Broad's comments at the press opening Thursday morning. The second is the Rabe/Broad/Kaplan q+a.

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