Off-Ramp for November 14, 2009

Mercer 5964
A couple years ago, Off-Ramp was on the red carpet when Oscar-nominated filmmaker Arthur Dong unveiled Hollywood Chinese, a devastating, fascinating, eye-opening look at how Hollywood has treated Chinese and Chinese-Americans. Much of the research material Dong collected to make the doc is at the Chinese American Museum through May 30, 2010, which is where Off-Ramp host John Rabe met Dong to talk about it. The first piece of audio is the long version of John and Arthur's conversation, the second is the short verion, and the third is reporter Doualy Xaykaothao's piece from the premiere of the documentary.
Mercer 5951
MOCA is marking its 30th anniversary with a cluster of celebrations, including a gala Saturday that's blocking Grand Avenue and that you probably haven't been invited to. (Send pics if you have.) Off-Ramp host John Rabe looks at 30 years of MOCA with Off-Ramp contributor Sam Hall Kaplan and Eli Broad, the billionaire philanthropist who helped create MOCA 30 years ago, and helped rescue it from near financial ruin last year. Our first piece of audio is Broad's comments at the press opening Thursday morning. The second is the Rabe/Broad/Kaplan q+a.
Mercer 5958
Off-Ramp host John Rabe talks with Lisa Ling about her SoCal Connected piece on the growing number of middle-class families who've been made homeless by the financial crisis. Lisa is the sister of Laura Ling, who was held captive by North Korea.
Mercer 5705
You probably know actor Randolph Mantooth as paramedic John Gage from the 70s primetime drama "Emergency!" He hung up his EMT costume years ago, but the interest in emergency services generated by the show - and by his constant public advocacy for paramedics - have saved many lives. John chatted with the TV star about Emergency, working with Jack Webb, and two new movies he's in: Scream of the Bikini and Bold Native.
Mercer 5961
Pop savant Chuck Klosterman is sharp as a tiger's whiskers... we lend an ear to the tale of a billionaire kidnapping... and Brendan celebrates Halloween by tasting the worst candy in the world.
Mercer 5965
So you know what else they invented in the Coachella Valley besides the date shake? The line down the middle of the road. Coachella Valley historian Pat Laflin says an Indio woman named Dr June McCarroll was the hero of this story.
Mercer 5969

Hello Kitty turns 35!

This fall marks the 35th birthday of one of Japan's beloved pop icons - Hello Kitty. The Royal/T Cafe in Culver City is throwing her a huge birthday bash complete with Hello Kitty-shaped food, Hello Kitty-themed household items and art work inspired by the tiny white feline.
Mercer 5176
A year ago this Saturday, the Sayre fire tore through Oakridge, a quaint mobile home park in the Sylmar foothills. It destroyed almost 500 homes. After a six month mandatory evacuation, residents began to move back into the park in May. But the rebuilding process has been slow. Charred metal and rubble lies amidst the 90-odd newly installed homes. To commemorate the anniversary, the team behind the documentary "The Ashes of Oakridge" returned to the park this week and took in the scene.
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