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MOCA Turns Thirty, Pulls Out All The Great Art

by Off-Ramp®

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Off-Ramp host John Rabe tries for the second-hardest interview in show business, after JD Salinger. MOCA brought out the Giacometti's for its 30th birthday celebration. Gary Leonard

Off-Ramp host John Rabe with Sam Hall Kaplan and MOCA chief curator Paul Schimmel on MOCA's new exhibits at MOCA Grand and MOCA's Gefffen Contemporary, which pull some of the best art from the museum's permanent collection. Come inside for John's artsy-fartsy movie of the works at the Geffen Contemporary, and John's guerilla art installation there.

Above, John Rabe's installation at MOCA's Geffen Contemporary, "Sprinkler No. 1." The antithesis of Marcel Duchamp's urinal, which symbolized our precious bodily fluids, or essence, being drained from us, coming as it did when the world was in intellectual turmoil and civilization was threatened with non-existence; "Sprinkler No. 1" is about our essence being refreshed with water coming in. It speaks of LA's gut-level connection with water, a connection which seeps even into every aspect of our lives, including our art institutes. Furthermore, it's actually connected to the plumbing. Top that, Marcel.

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