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Leonard Maltin Tells All ... about the new edition of his Movie Guide

by Off-Ramp®

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The new edition of Maltin's bestselling movie guide. While widely loved, Maltin's guide has its critics among The Dark Knight fans: he gave the movie two stars (of four).

Off-Ramp host John Rabe talks with Leonard Maltin about his favorite book -- Maltin's annual Movie Guide. The 2010 edition of Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide is out now and if you'll come inside we'll show you how you can buy it and help KPCC.

In the first piece of audio, above, Leonard tells all. In the second, he tells some. The first is for aficianados of the movie guide; the second is the broadcast version, for neophytes.

Maltin's annual guide has grown, split like an amoeba, and has been a perennial bestseller. You can buy it from Amazon, and we get some of the profits. And you can do the same with his Classic Movie Guide, which holds all the stuff they've had to cut from the annual guide.

Comments are closed for this item, since it was originally posted a while ago, but I'm confused about Thomas Apple's comment below. The dog anecdote is :30 long, inside a 4:00 interview. Maybe his download is faulty. And if you want a LOT more Leonard, listen to the first audio item above. No teasing.

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