Off-Ramp's Thanksgiving Special: "Walking Out of History"

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Off-Ramp Web Special: Foodies on Thanksgiving

UPDATE 11-20-2010: Thanksgiving comes every year, so we're serving the most delicious MEMORY leftovers, from Off-Ramp 2009. The great chefs of Los Angeles tell us what's on their Thanksgiving menu this year, plus Pigtails & Sauerkraut, a Wiley Family tradition.
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This retelling of the Shackleton story originally aired in 1999 on NPR, and was a Minnesota Public Radio/AmericanRadioWorks/NPR production. It's always seemed the perfect radio listening the weekend after Thanksgiving ... when you're safe and warm, and mindful of your blessings.

Clarence McDonald - the man behind the hits

Note from John Rabe: Writer, publisher, blogger, and friend Michael Sigman asked me to name my two favorite Off-Ramp pieces for his Huffpost series, "Reasons to be Cheerful." First I named "The Ashes of Oakridge," the wonderful and touching documentary of the fire that destroyed the Oakridge Mobile home park, produced by Queena Kim and Frank Stoltze, with help from Jackson Musker. Second, the interview I did a couple years ago with keyboardist/arranger/producer Clarence McDonald. Clarence was involved in some of the hugest hits of the 70s and 80s, including James Taylor's "How Sweet it Is," Bill Withers' "Lovely Day," and The Emotions' "Best of My Love." Just for fun, here's that second interview.
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It's Okay to Color Outside the Lines

UPDATE: David Weidman, featured on Off-Ramp in September, is doing another signing, this time in Long Beach on Saturday. Details inside. -- John KPCC's John Rabe talks with iconic printmaker David Weidman. Weidman is now in his late eighties, made thousands of prints and posters for homes and hotels in the 60s and 70s, plus backgrounds for several animation studios. He still lives in the house he built in Highland Park more than fifty years ago. He's not making prints anymore, but he -- and his wife Dorothy -- still had lots to say about his craft, which mixes the perspective and emotion of Cubism, with the storytelling and personality of Norman Rockwell, with the sense of humor of, well, David Weidman. COME INSIDE for a slideshow and book signing info ...
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