Off-Ramp for December 5, 2009

Mateo Stoneman's Secret

Mercer 6067

John Rabe

Mateo Stoneman, March 2008.

Mateo Stoneman made his Anglo media debut in March of 2008 on Off-Ramp. The white mariachi, who I said has "the voice of an angel," was the biggest hit we ever had. Hundreds of listeners bought his CD because of the broadcast, some of them a dozen at a time. For an LA Times profile, the reporter did something I never thought to do -- a criminal background check -- which revealed ...

... where Mateo really learned to play guitar. Now, he tells us the whole whole story, including details the Times left out.

Mateo doesn't have a website, but you can buy his albums, or book him for a wedding or quinceañera, by calling him at 323-215-6479 or emailing him at

The first piece of audio is Mateo's first appearance on Off-Ramp in 2008; the second is an exclusive recording of him playing Frenesi for Off-Ramp listeners. The third is the new interview, and below is an exclusive video of Mateo playing a tune he wrote in prison.

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