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dineLA's Family Tree of LA Cuisine

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dineLA has come up with a great way to grasp the length and BREADth of LA's restaurant history. It's a nicely designed family tree, with restaurants -- like Spago -- as the roots and chefs -- like Wolfgang Puck, Nancy Silverton, and Michael Cimarusti, to name only a few, as the branches.

Click on a root restaurant, and all the chefs who worked there light up in the branches. Click on a chef, and see who's worked together.

Off-Ramp host John Rabe talked with dineLA director Carrie Kommers about the project. Come inside for a link to the tree.

dineLA has also organized Restaurant Week, a way to get a serious discount on a meal you might not have been able to afford ... or at a restaurtant you wouldn't have thought to try before. Pick the level of restaurant you want to try, and you pay one set price for a three-course lunch or dinner.