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Off-Ramp for February 13, 2010

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You know Grandma. She's 80 and she doesn't see her grandkids (Julian Bermudez, above left, and Off-Ramp host John Rabe) nearly enough. John and Julian want to drive to The Comptons to see Grandma on Friday, February 26, but the fundraiser may still be going on then. Will you help end the fundraiser a day early? Click here to give to KPCC and not make Grandma cry.
KPCC's Karen Fritsche faced a common LA dilemma - how do you manage your love life in SoCal, where dating can involve hours of driving? Karen came up with a scientific solution. (Since this piece originally aired, Karen has found true love, and they live together. And her system worked.) Come inside to find out who the lovely couple are.
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Ray Bradbury wrote the musical “Wisdom 2116” for an old couple he’d befriended as a young man. And it’s taken Bradbury more than 50-years to see the musical performed on stage. “Wisdom 2116” is a love story about the secret to staying young!

We also spoke to the legendary science fiction and fantasy writer at his home in Los Angeles. He tells us about writing Fahrenheit 451 and the secret to living forever!

To see videos of the legendary writer and the musical "Wisdom 2116" AND to sign up for the CF podcast, go to

Wisdom 2116
Fremont Center Theatre
1000 Fremont Ave.
South Pasadena, CA 91030
(626) 441-5977
A Southland composer has set out to introduce and remind listeners about the fundamental beliefs of American democracy. He's doing so through a symphonic work that blends soloists, a choir, a full orchestra, with the speeches of two iconic presidents - and the present one. KPCC’s Adolfo Guzman Lopez reports.
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President's Day is Monday, which means work for actor Barry Cutler, who travels the country to bring Abraham Lincoln to life for K-12 students. Some days, he plays Honest Abe for 2,000 kids.
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We attended the Fashion Institute for Design and Merchandising Oscar costume party last weekend, and met top designer Nick Verreos, of Project Runway fame ... and discovered his secret. (Come inside to find out what it is.)

New Documentary: "Finding God in the City of Angels"

Southern California is not only one of the most ethnically and racially diverse parts of the world, but religiously as well. A new documentary, “Finding God in the City of Angels,” gets a private screening this weekend, but will be shown in several L.A. communities in the coming weeks. It focuses on what “scripture” means for all belief systems. KPCC’s Peter Stenshoel spoke with director, cinematographer and producer, Jennifer Jessum, and her husband, Simon Joseph, the film’s writer and co-producer. But first, they listened to the trailer. (The doc was commissioned by Claremont Graduate University’s Institute for Signifying Scriptures.) We've posted a short and long version of Peter's interview. Come inside for showtimes ...
Off-Ramp commentator (and IE Weekly columnist) Jeff Girod was ticked off when people jumped on President Obama for saying that gambling in Vegas isn't bright if you're in bad financial straits. (Photo: Rev. Billy Graham stumping for God in Las Vegas, February 5, 1978. Credit: LA Public Library - Herald-Examiner collection.)
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If Dinner Party Download gives you the meat and potatoes for good cocktail party conversation, co-host Brendan Newnam, unrepentant carnivore, offers the meat ... and for Off-Ramp this week, he visits the brand new McCall's Meat & Fish at 2117 Hillhurst in Los Feliz.
The National Hot Rod Association kicks off the drag racing year Thursday with the 50th Winternationals in Pomona. In the Funny Car division, there’s a family dynasty. John Force Racing has won 16 championships in the last 20 seasons.

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