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Valentine's Day: We figure out how to balance love and commuting

by Off-Ramp

KPCC's Karen Fritsche faced a common LA dilemma - how do you manage your love life in SoCal, where dating can involve hours of driving? Karen came up with a scientific solution. (Since this piece originally aired, Karen has found true love, and they live together. And her system worked.) Come inside to find out who the lovely couple are.

Photograph caption reads: "Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kottke, 6307 Mary Ellen Ave., Van Nuys, read greeting from one of their six children on occasion of their 57th wedding anniversary. Open house at Kottke home marked April 15 date". Back of the card held by Mr. Kottke reads: "Hi folks. Just a note - nothing new, windy and cooler past week and Toni has an ear ach [sic]. Vicki feels like she has the mumps but they both are out & about. Hope you both feeling fairly well. Know I owe lots of letters but just can't get around to write. Our love". Photograph dated: April 20, 1959.

Credit: LA Public Library - Hollywood Citizen News/Valley Times Collection.

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