Off-Ramp for March 13, 2010

KNBC's Joel Grover Uncovers Rampant Abuse of Handicap Parking Privilege

Mercer 6296

John Rabe

This was just one of more than a dozen handicap placards John and the LA Times' Ralph Vartabedian found in a two block stretch of parking meters in Little Tokyo. No wonder: one in ten California drivers has a disabled parking permit.

KNBC-Chanel 4's Joel Grover, the investigative reporter who makes officials cringe when he calls, was looking for parking in downtown LA a while ago, and noticed that almost every meter was taken by a car with a disabled parking placard hanging from the rear view mirror. Intrigued and angered, he set up a sting, and tells Off-Ramp's John Rabe what he found. COME INSIDE for links to Joel's story and Off-Ramp's previous efforts to publicize this problem.

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