Off-Ramp for March 13, 2010

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Donovan, the icon of 1960s music, is still going strong. He has a concert at the El Rey Theatre Friday, March 19th, and he came to KPCC’s new Mohn Broadcast Center in Pasadena to record an interview and sing some of his hits. The concert is a benefit for the David Lynch Foundation, which is dedicated to helping at-risk kids learn to meditate to lower their stress levels. Listen to the short version of the interview above, or COME INSIDE to hear the full interview, which includes the full versions of "Hurdy Gurdy Man" and "Catch the Sun."
March 13, 2000 was John Rabe's first day on the air at KPCC, which had just switched from an eclectic music station to an all news format. Back then, we had 150,000 listeners, a tiny budget, and a largely volunteer staff. Now, 600,000 people listen every week, we have a new building (the Mohn Broadcast Center, built through our capital campaign), and bring good, solid local and NPR news to practically every corner of Southern California. Larry Mantle joins John in the newsroom to talk about the old days and the changes they've seen and taken part in.
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Elvis impersonators and Beatles tribute acts are just fine, if you walk into the room and close your eyes, you'll probably have a hard time telling the difference. There's plenty of them in Vegas. But here in LA, there's a different scene altogether: many female musicians here make a living performing music from some of the most famous male rock artists in history. Off-Ramp music correspondent Kevin Ferguson reports. LANGUAGE WARNING: The name of one of the bands includes the B-word.
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You might have heard Arianna Huffington on the airwaves telling you to move your money to community banks to punish the big banks? Well before Arianna, there was Ann Minch. She was on CyberFrequencies a few months ago after she sparked a debtors revolt on YouTube. With all the attention Arianna is getting we'd feature Ann Minch again!
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KNBC-Chanel 4's Joel Grover, the investigative reporter who makes officials cringe when he calls, was looking for parking in downtown LA a while ago, and noticed that almost every meter was taken by a car with a disabled parking placard hanging from the rear view mirror. Intrigued and angered, he set up a sting, and tells Off-Ramp's John Rabe what he found. COME INSIDE for links to Joel's story and Off-Ramp's previous efforts to publicize this problem.
Actor Chris Murray attended the most exclusive Oscar-viewing party of all -- Night of a Hundred Stars -- with his father, Oscar-nominated actor Don Murray. Chris phoned in reports throughout the night.
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Shopping for a Honeymoon

UPDATE: Eve and Rico got married and honeymooned in Europe, but we still like their piece from March 2010. You can window shop for most of the things you need for a wedding… but what about a honeymoon? Well Dinner Party Download co-host Rico Gagliano is getting married and he and his fiance Eve Troeh, a producer at Marketplace Money, have the answer: the LA Times Travel and adventure show. They found it at the LA Convention Center.
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Our Oscar-watching party was more fun than yours, and not just because of the cocktail wieners I brought, or David Othenin-Girard’s impeccable wine picks. But because his girlfriend Vember Stuart-Lilley’s mom e-mailed her a series of pictures that sent milk through all our noses … and we weren’t even drinking milk. COME INSIDE to see why...

KPCC's Brian Watt Checks out an Inventors Convention

Have you heard of the Windshield Wonder? How about the PedEgg or the GoDuster? These are a few of the products that A. J. Khubani has tried to market into household brands. Khubani is the chief executive of Telebrands and known as the "infomercial king." And he held court recently and invited 30 inventors from across the country to pitch their new inventions. KPCC’s Brian Watt spoke to some of the inventors.
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