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Kids v Boeing over Santa Susana Cleanup

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Students display a check they tried to give to Boeing -- the proceeds from their bake sale. Catherine Cloutier, Neon Tommy

A group of high school students who call themselves Teens Against Toxins are trying to shame Boeing into more fully cleaning up a toxic area in Canoga Park - the old Rocketdyne site. Their efforts, including a bake sale and an open letter in The Huffington Post, led to a meeting Monday at Boeing.

John talks with two of the teens involved, Devyn Gortner and Robin Estrin, and then with Boeing spokeswoman Karama Sams. COME INSIDE for more details.

I am writing this letter to urge you to clean up the nuclear contamination that was left after the Rocketdyne meltdown that occurred in 1959.

So starts teenager Robin Estrin’s open letter to Boeing, posted at HuffPo and on Michael Moore’s website.

The Santa Susana Field Lab where the accident occurred is not too far from my neighborhood. I understand that you have begun pursuing a lawsuit to rid yourself of the legal responsibility you have to clean up your mess. … Please, try to look at it from my point of view … When my teammates practice lacrosse three times a week at our park, we have to worry about the safety of the air we breathe and the soil we play on.

Robin’s father is Eric Estrin, who led LA Observed’s screenplay project and is contributing editor at The Wrap.

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