Off-Ramp for March 27, 2010

"Dot Conned' -- Diana Grove Scams the Cyber-Scammers

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Michael Uhlenkott We bring you life on the Web.

You've gotten those scam emails from the Nigerian prince who will give you his inheritance if you send him your checking account number? Well author Diana Grove almost got caught up in one of those scams. But instead of getting mad, she got even!

Grove tells CyberFrequencies co-hosts Queena Kim and Tanya Jo Miller that she answered every scam mail that came her way. Her goal: to get the Cyber Scammers mad by weaving outrageous tales of why they need to give her money!

Cyber Avatars John Rabe and Karen Fritsche give a dramatic readings of "Dot Conned".

To hear a reading that didn't make it into the book, check out

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