Off-Ramp for April 24, 2010

Daryl Gates, Spymaster. Journalist David Cay Johnston now tells what the LA Times wouldn't.

Mercer 7169

Mike Mullen/LAPL/Herald Examiner

February 3, 1988: LAPD Chief Daryl Gates listening to LA City Council members discuss gang shooting in Westwood Village.

Friends and admirers of the late LAPD chief Daryl Gates may think I’m piling on by adding more negatives to the former chief’s history, but it’s not journalism’s job to be respectful. It’s our job to fill-in the picture when it matters. And what journalist David Cay Johnston has to say about Gates matters. Johnston -- no conspiracy blogger but a Pulitzer and Polk winner -- makes a convincing case that Gates ran a local and international spy organization that he used to prevent politicians and publishers from going after him or the department. COME INSIDE for a link to his article in LA Observed.

Read Johnston's special article on Gates for LA Observed.

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