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Off-Ramp for May 1, 2010

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Eat-LA/Off-Ramp Collaboration - Goat

So far, the Eat-LA/Off-Ramp Collaboration has brought you pubs and pizza. Now, with the help of Eat-LA contributing writer Linda Burum, who also writes for the Times and LA Magazine, we check out the number one meat-on-the-hoof in the world - goat. COME INSIDE for more pics and a full list of goat restaurants and sources.
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How's this for a Hollywood resume? Leigh Brackett had her name on the screenplays of "The Big Sleep" in 1946 and "The Empire Strikes Back" in 1978. But that’s not all. Off-Ramp's literary commentator Marc Haefele has the background on the multi-talented and influential writer. COME INSIDE for Marc's script and a lurid cover illustration...

Dinner Party Download Welcomes Actor Paul Dano

This week: Actor Paul Dano is achin' for bacon... the classic story of New Coke...and why BYOF will sadly not be the new BYOB.
Off-Ramp host John Rabe and CyberFrequencies producer Queena Kim hash out the case of a prototype iPhone left in a bar ... did Gizmodo cros the intellectual property line?
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Charles Phoenix expands into 3-D with a new slide show

Charles Phoenix and the Third Dimension is not a band ... it's the new 3-D slideshow the local historian is bringing to the Downtown Independent Theatre on two upcoming Sundays: May 9 and May 16. The show on the 16th follows the one-day 3-D film festival put on by the LA 3D Club. COME INSIDE for more info about both events!
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5-1-2010 UPDATE: This is a rerun from 2009, so there's no book signing ... RH Greene, who wrote "Incarnadine, the True Memoirs Count Dracula," tells us his own true memoir -- that his book is privately dedicated to his twin brother Tom, who RH says was the other half of his heartbeat. Greene will be at Book Soup on Sunday, November 15 at 4 PM. (8818 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069-2125, (310) 659-3110.)

Driving on Sunshine

KPCC's Shirley Jahad brings us another installment of her EV Diaries. COME INSIDE for the link...

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