This Old House fixes up Off-Ramp for May 29, 2010

(UPDATE: This Old House has picked a Spanish Revival home in Silverlake to renovate. Click through to see the entire news release, with quotes from the LA Conservancy's Linda Dishman and LA City Councilman Eric Garcetti.) "This Old House" has been renovating homes on TV for thirty years and only now is taking on a project in Los Angeles. Listen as Off-Ramp host John Rabe talks with the show's Kevin O'Connor and Norm Abram for the inside story, and COME INSIDE for guidelines on nominating your project for the show.

Photo by Bob Martin from the LA Public Library/Hollywood Citizen News/Valley Times Collection: Debris tumbles down the hill and dust rises from demolished walls as a wrecking crane does its job on the Anthony's Hollywood Tudor-style house. The Anthonys' house is being razed to build a Hollywood television and film museum that never came to pass. Photo dated: Apr. 15, 1964.

My Dinner Party Download with Wallace Shawn

This week Wallace Shawn critiques power and Brendan, the FBI investigates Louie Louie, and Rico chats with a restarauteur who's not kidding around.
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In 1900, in the last months of Queen Victoria's reign, a young man from Indiana published "Sister Carrie,” a book that blew away the Victorian literary era. The man was Theodore Dreiser. Off-Ramp literary commentator Marc Haefele says he was the greatest author ever to live in Los Angeles.
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Partch-work: Microtonal Music from Harry Partch

Ever heard of an adapted viola? What about a chromalodeon? Or a harmonic canon? They're all instruments invented by avante-garde composer Harry Partch. Partch was a California native who threw out traditional keys and patterns in favor of strange and complex 43+ note microtonal scales. Off-Ramp's Kevin Ferguson headed to a rehearsal studio on Mount Washington to talk to John Schneider, a music professor and a member of Partch, a musical tribute to the late composer. Click through to see a video of John Schneider performing Harry Partch's "The Letter" on the harmonic canon!
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The Chosen Music

Jewish music goes way beyond traditional tunes like "Dreidel" and "Hava Nagila." What about Neil Diamond? Or Barry Manilow? Josh Kuhn is a USC professor and directs the school's Popular Music Project. He, along with the Idelsohn Society have compiled a massive collection of Jewish music that spans decades of recorded music. He stopped by to chat with KPCC's Alex Cohen about his upcoming exhibition of Jewish albums at the Skirball Museum.
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KPCC Staff Remembers Art Linkletter

On Wednesday, at the age of 97, TV and radio host Art Linkletter passed away. As it turns out, three members of KPCC's staff—All Things Considered host Alex Cohen, Managing Editor Nick Roman and Public Insight Journalism's Sharon McNary—were all guests on Art's show "People are Funny".
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