Sneak Peak at Tom Hanks' "Larry Crowne" on Off-Ramp for June 26, 2010

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6/21/11 -- UPDATE: "Larry Crowne" hits theatres July 1st. Here's our piece from the set of the movie while it was filming last summer. Normally, the studios don't want journalists anywhere around a movie set (the Pentagon might want to follow this example), or they embargo any info gathered there, but Tom Hanks allowed Off-Ramp exclusive access to the set of the new movie he's written, directed, and starred in -- "Larry Crowne" -- which was entirely shot in the LA area, including a K-Mart in Long Beach.
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Mark Stambler's Award-Winning Backyard Bread

Mark Stambler didn’t like the bread he found in stores and restaurants, so he built his own bread oven in the backyard of his home in Silverlake. Food writer and Eat LA contributor Miles Clements finds out how he made it, and tastes the bread -- which won a blue ribbon at the state fair. Click through for more pictures!

Jean-Leon Gerome: Spectacle At the Getty Now

Off-Ramp Contributor Marc Haefele stops by the Getty’s new exhibit – the biggest ever done on the French painter Jean Leon Gerome, whose realistic scenes tickled millions and ticked off the academy.
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With a gentle nudge from his wife, Charles Read, local attorney (and father of Off-Ramp intern Bridget Read) gave up Lakers tickets to see the LA Ring Cycle. Does he regret it? Take a listen to find out.
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NHM's Bug Guy Reveals Backyard Hidden Treasures

If you like bugs, the Natural History Museum in South LA is a great place to see them up close. Right now, there's a huge collection of real live butterflies fluttering through September. Brent Karner, the museum's official bug guy, says you don't need to go all the way to NHM to see some amazing creatures: he met with Ilsa Setziol and several kids in her San Gabriel backyard.
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Richard Yokley, America's Emergency! Expert

The LA County Fire Museum is raising money to restore Engine 51, the actual fire truck used in Emergency, the true-to-life tv series. John Rabe talks about TV history, rapid responders, and radio license numbers (Just what does KMG 365 mean?) with Richard Yokley, author of Emergency: Behind the Scene about the hit '70s program.
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Paul Verhoeven directed Robocop, Totall Recall, Starship Troopers, he's written a book called "Jesus of Nazareth" and now he's the Dinner Party Download's newest Guest of Honor.
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