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LA Record: Los Angeles' Best Selling Free News Poster

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LA Record

LA Record, Issue 1

If you’ve walked into a coffee shop or a record store, you might have seen them: giant posters of local bands recreating classic album covers, like Marvin Gaye, Elvis Costello, or Blondie. On the other side of those posters is a local magazine committed to supporting Los Angeles musicians of all stripes: hip-hop, soul, rock, noise... It’s called LA Record and if you’ve heard of bands like No Age, Flying Lotus and the Cold War Kids, you can thank them in part: LA Record gave those artists some of their very first interviews. The paper is celebrating their 100th issue, so Off-Ramp’s Kevin Ferguson met with editor and co-founder Chris Ziegler in his Long Beach apartment, where he and others still produce the paper.

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