Meet 93-year old Olympian Louis Zamperini - Off-Ramp for July 31, 2010

Louis Zamperini

Louis Zamperini's Epic Life Story

Epic in the most literal sense possible: Zamperini's life plays out like a grandiose American hero's tale. Louis Zamperini is a living legend you probably have never heard of, but you've seen his name everywhere. Listen to the on-air version by clicking on the first icon, listen to the whole Olympic Panel by clicking on the second!
Brian May wraps 40-year project by publishing first complete book of TR Williams's c. 1850 photos of an English village ... they're in stuning 3D.
KPCC's John Rabe talks with photographer Robert Yager, who captures some stunning images of taggers in the latest Los Angeles Magazine.
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The Scarlet Letter: What are Restaurant Grades Worth?

If you’ve eaten in an LA County restaurant this century, you’ve seen them: the letter grades handed out by the public health department. They seem to be popular, and have just been adopted in New York City. But Off-Ramp's Kevin Ferguson wanted to know, how did they get there … and more importantly, do they really keep diners safe?
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Today, your mind can be flabby but your belly can't, and writer RH Greene figures that puts him at the top of the list.

COME INSIDE to see Greene's actual abs.

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Los Angeles Children's Chorus takes to the Bowl

If you’re a fan of opera, you might want to head out to the Hollywood Bowl this Sunday to see one of the most famous operas of all time- Carmen. The LA philharmonic will provide the score, with Gustavo Dudamel himself conducting. You’ll also hear singing from the LA Master Chorale and the LA Children’s Chorus. Off-Ramp’s Kevin Ferguson stopped by the Pasadena Presbyterian church, where the Children’s Chorus was getting ready for this week’s performance.
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Todd Solondz and Paul Reubens on "Life During Wartime"

*Due to the nature of this piece, we recommend it only for mature audiences.*

Todd Solondz is a controversial writer and director responsible for films like Storytelling, Happiness and Palindromes. His latest film is called Life During Wartime, starring Paul Reubens, Allison Janney and Ally Sheedy . Recently, Solondz and Reubens sat down with Hadrian Belove of the Cinefamily after a sneak preview of the new film. Warning for parents and sensitive listener: this interview contains some very frank talk about sex and violence. Life During Wartime opened Friday in Pasadena, Santa Monica and West Hollywood. Click through for showtimes!

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