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Lou Adler's Career Tapestry - on Off-Ramp, August 14, 2010

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In the first part of Alex Ben Block's interview with Lou Adler, the entertainment legend talks about how he recognized Carole King's talent (easy) and won a Grammy for producing "Tapestry." Plus, Jan & Dean, Sam Cooke, and his association with Herb Alpert. (Alex is a Hollywood historian, frequent Off-Ramp guest, and senior editor at The Hollywood Reporter.)
Photographer Vince Gonzales' new show at the Pickford Center focuses on film projectors and captures -- somehow -- the spirits of the generations of filmmakers who used the equipment.
KPCC's John Rabe interviewed Vince Gonzales (ABOVE ITEM) about his vintage equipment photography project at a workshop at USC's film school ... the workshop of German Pinchevsky, who fixes old movie cameras. But, as John discovered during the interview, decades ago, the Soviet emigree was in the special effects department of Mosfilm, and worked on "Andrei Rublev," "Solaris," and other legendary films.
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CJ Ford, Private Investigator for the Rest of Us

CJ Ford is a private investigator, but not in the Magnum PI sense. His firm, run by many volunteers, does detective work for people can't normally afford it: death row inmates, defendants representing themselves, the wrongly convicted. They've been open for two years now and have over 130 clients. Off-Ramp's Kevin Ferguson stopped by CJ Ford's office in Fullerton.
Saturday, August 14, is the 65th anniversary of the surrender of Japan and the end of World War Two. To honor the event, we're proud to present "14 August Revisited," Gerald Zelinger's 1985 documentary about the day, featuring radio genius Norman Corwin. Here's how Zelinger introduces the program:

'It’s Tuesday August 14th 1945. We are in a radio studio at CBS Columbia Square on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. A dress rehearsal is taking place for a light hearted comedy by Norman Corwin called “L’affaire Gumpert” starring Charles Laughton and Elsa Lanchester. Some technical problems are taking place and during the course of fixing the problem members of the cast comment on sound of the horns honking on Sunset Boulevard coming through the concrete acoustical walls of the studio. The rehearsal is ended and Mr. Corwin and crew reassemble to produce a program marking the end of the Second World War. The program takes you from the studio to the roof top to around the world with news reports by CBS correspondents and a conversation with Norman Corwin. And finally we hear “14 August” by Norman Corwin narrated by Orson Welles.'

(Photo: Norman Corwin, in studio with Charles Laughton and Elsa Lanchester.)

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In the Wake of the Grim Sleeper

Tuesday, 25 years after the Grim Sleeper serial killer took his first victim, Bethel AME Church in Los Angeles set up a memorial along Western Avenue. It included photographs of ten victims and space for the public to write messages to the deceased.

Among the mourners was Chris McNair, a 52-year-old contractor from Los Angeles. He knew Lonnie David Franklin, Jr., the accused killer … and one of his alleged victims. McNair talked with KPCC’s Brian Watt.

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This past May, the groundbreaking female hard rock group Heart stopped by the Grammy Museum for an intimate performance and a Q+A. Off-Ramp has an exclusive peak on what went on inside.
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Charles Solomon on Dinosaur Drawing

Charles Solomon reviews "Tyrannosaurus Rex!" It's a DVD that that promises to fulfill the dreams of children everywhere: how to draw the perfect dinosaur.

CyberFrequencies and Wikileaks

CyberFrequencies - Queena Kim and Tanya Miller - talks with the hacker who tracked down the person who leaked the Afghani Pentagon Papers to Wikileaks.

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