How Hot Is It, Columbo? Off-Ramp 8-28-2010

Off-Ramp TemperaTour Returns

Mercer 7701

John Rabe

Near the end of their Off-Ramp TemperaTour, JPL climatologist Bill Patzert, Cal State LA meteorologist Steve LaDochy, and KPCC's John Rabe (L-R) discover it's just as hot up on the Angeles Crest, as evidenced by the big cumulus clouds.

We did this Mountains-to-Ocean tour of LA climate in 2007 with weatherman Bill Patzert of JPL and and Steve LaDochy of CalState LA -- tracking temps from Pasadena to Griffith Park to Disney Hall to the Pier to Mt Wilson ... all in a single day. This week seems like an excellent time to bring it back.

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