How Hot Is It, Columbo? Off-Ramp 8-28-2010

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Marc Haefele: the Arab roots of Ground Zero

Off-Ramp commentator Marc Haefele lived in New York City for many years, so he wasn't shocked that Muslims wanted to build a community center, and perhaps a mosque, near Ground Zero. After all, he knew they'd been a major part of that neighborhood since -- are you sitting down? -- 1870.
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Off-Ramp TemperaTour Returns

We did this Mountains-to-Ocean tour of LA climate in 2007 with weatherman Bill Patzert of JPL and and Steve LaDochy of CalState LA -- tracking temps from Pasadena to Griffith Park to Disney Hall to the Pier to Mt Wilson ... all in a single day. This week seems like an excellent time to bring it back.

Playing Heat Wave Hang-Ten Hookey

KPCC's surf reporter Brian Watt talks with a man who played hookey this week to catch the big waves that accompanied our heat wave. He refused to give his identity, on the grounds that it might incriminate him.

(Real caption for photo: "Surf riding has no age limit. At the Doheny Surfing Club is Ed Proctor, who will be 80 in two months. Photo dated: August 5, 1961. Credit: LAPL/Herald-Examiner collection)

In our continuing series of interviews with entertainment legend Lou Adler (conducted by Hollywood historian Alex Ben Block of The Hollywood Reporter), we hear the true roots of the music festival Monterey Pop. Adler also tells Alex how he got back the footage that eventually became the enduring Pennebaker documentary about the festival.

Burning Man Vets on the allure of the desert art festival

Whiteout sandstorms, 115-degree heat, freezing nights, alkalai dust in your nostrils and skivvies ... these are the drawbacks of Burning Man. But they're also the filter that keep the weeklong arts festival strong and true to its purpose.

With Burning Man set to start Monday, Off-Ramp host talks with participants Christopher Murray and Alexei Othenin-Girard.

CyberFrequencies goes to Craigslist Bootcamp

CyberFrequencies, Off-Ramp's bi-weekly look at life on the web ...

Goodbye, Columbus Day. Hello #ColumboDay!

To celebrate #ColumboDay, here's John Rabe's conversation with William Link, co-creator of the GOOD lieutenant, "Columbo."
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