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Mexican Food Fight - Bayless v Gold, ref'd by Gustavo Arellano

There's a juicy and quintessentially LA battle going on right now between Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer Jonathan Gold and celebrity chef Rick Bayless in the OC Weekly's "Stick a Fork in It" blog, written by the paper's managing editor, Gustavo Arellano.

The crux of the debate is, "Does Bayless really think LA doesn't have restaurants (besides his) that serve authentic food from all over Mexico?"

Here's the long version of my interview with Gustavo, to which I've added clips from Bayless' NBC interview.

In this exclusive commentary for Off-Ramp, actor Christopher Murray ("Zoey 101," "Parks & Rec," "Just Cause"), talks about growing up with Don Murray, Hope Lange, and Alan Pakula as parents, and what losing the spotlight means for his dad.

Sunday, Don Murray receives the Cinecon Career Achievement Award at the annual Cinecon Classic Film festival in Hollywood. COME INSIDE for a link to the festival, which also features a "lost" Chaplin appearance. (Photo: Don Murray, left, with Charles Laughton in Otto Preminger's "Advise and Consent.")

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Acres of Books - Open One Last Time

Long Beach's Acres of Books, the beloved used bookstore, is now finally dead, despite protestors -- including Ray Bradbury-- who fought the city's push to buy the store. The store stopped doing regular business in October of 2008, but the development planned, the Long Beach Art Exchange, has yet to break ground. Off-Ramp's Kevin Ferguson reports with an update on the property.

RH Greene: Mel Gibson before the fall

Filmmaker and Off-Ramp contributor RH Greene remembers an interview long ago with Mel Gibson, and asks if he didn't play a (small) role in the actor's disgrace.

Hank Rosenfeld answers, "What the %$#@ is Moomat Ahiko?"

The sign in Santa Monica hung over Off-Ramp contributor Hank Rosenfeld like an overdue DWP bill. "Moomat Ahiko." A small mystery he unravelled with the help of a chanteuse. (That's French for beautiful singer.)

Lou Adler - Lakers with Jack, and "uncovering" Cheech and Chong

Alex Ben Block of The Hollywood Reporter continues off-Ramp's exclusive career-retrospective interview with entertainment legend Lou Adler. First, he tells how he met his friend Jack Nicholson, and how they migrated down the stands at Lakers games. Then, Alex asks how Adler "discovered" Cheech and Chong, the "hard rock" comedians.
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8-31-2011 UPDATE: Herb Jeffries is scheduled to appear at the Sweet and Hot Music Festival, which is at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel from September 2 through 5. It's a weekend of jazz from the 1920s - 1950s, America's Golden Age of popular music. 97-year old Herb Jeffries had two distinct careers. He's been called the Bronze Buckaroo, the two gun man from Harlem, Herb Jeffries was the first African American actor to star in a Western film back in 1937. But he also sang with Duke Ellington in the early 40s. "Flamingo" was his signature song. Jeffries is still singing today. If the 97 year old Jeffries is feeling up to it, you can see him perform this weekend at the the 14th Annual Sweet and Hot Music Festival at the Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel. KPCC's Brian Watt talked with Jeffries for Off-Ramp. COME INSIDE to see Jeffries singing years ago, and for a link to the festival.
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Back to School with the Salvation Army

Each year the Salvation Army takes 12,000 homeless boys and girls nationwide to Target to pick out school clothes for the year. The rules are simple: each student gets an $80 gift certificate for the store and--as long as it's appropriate--they can pick out whatever they want, especially that pair of jeans they've been craving. Mom and dad are *required* to sit this one out. KPCC's Brian Watt headed out to the Fox Hills Mall in Culver City to speak with one young resident of the Westwood Transitional Village.
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Dinner Party Download: Where's the Fire, Clientele?

Dinner Party Download with Rico and Brenden.
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