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The Golden Gate Theater's Next Life as a Drug Store

Mercer 5375

John Rabe

The Golden Gate Theater, a Whittier Boulevard landmark since 1927.

On Whittier and Atlantic in East LA lies the Golden Gate Theater, made in 1927. Sadly, it's been almost 25 years since the Golden Gate showed its last film.

In that time the theater has been abandoned and the subject of a lot of political wrangling. But thanks to a decision by the LA County Board of Supervisors this past May, the fight looks like it might come to an end. The theater's owner, a developer called Charles Company, just got permission to convert the building into a CVS pharmacy while preserving some of the theater's most iconic elements. Off-Ramp's Kevin Ferguson talked with County Supervisor Gloria Molina about the Golden Gate's past, present and future.

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