Under New Management - Off-Ramp for 9/25/2010

Mercer 10533
The baton of operating Clifton's Cafeteria in downtown LA has been passed from the Clinton family to Andrew Meieran, who promises to bring back the restaurant's splendor, and gently renovate it to include a bar, a bakery, and a bunch of new jobs.

Listen in to the news conference featuring City Councilman Jose Huizar, Don and Robert Clinton (son and grandson of founder Clifford Clinton), and Andrew Meieran. Off-Ramp host John Rabe also talks with community activist Brady Westwater.

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Director Kiff Scholl, actor Kimberly Atkinson, writer/director Jaime Robledo, and managing director Padraic Duffy join Off-Ramp host for a romp through the current season of The Sacred Fools Theatre Company, which has done more than 100 productions in its 14 years in Hollywood. Click Through for the company's website and schedule.
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Barry Cutler remembers actor Kevin McCarthy

Off-Ramp commentator and actor Berry Cutler reminisces about Kevin McCarthy, the accomplished stage and screen actor best known for his role in "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," who died September 11 at the age of 96.

CLICK THROUGH for the complete text of Barry's commentary, which editor John Rabe eviscerated for broadcast.

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John Cale was a founding member of the Velvet Underground, then went on to have a prolific solo career and to produce the debut albums for Patti Smith, Squeeze, and the Stooges.
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LA's Mann Bros - Thomas and Heinrich

Off-Ramp Literary Commentator Marc Haefele tells about two Mann's who lived in LA: the famous Thomas Mann (left), and his better angel and brother, Heinrich.
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Mark Peel: The Best Seat in the House

Restaurateur and chef Mark Peel has joined Off-Ramp to talk food and restaurants. This time, the question, "What's the best seat in the house?" brings a little Peelosophy and stories of Spago and Switfy Lazar.
It's all relative ... even a girl of Kennedy lineage, with money, looks, and power, has body issues. Or HAD them. Katherine Schwarzenegger is out with a candid new book that she hopes will give girls the confidence to make it through the tough teenage years. She talks with KPCC's John Rabe about "Rock What You've Got." CLICK THROUGH to see Ms Schwarzenegger in person and learn more about her partnership with Dove, for which she's the Youth Self-Esteem Ambassador.

CyberFrequencies meets the future and it is Ray Kurzweil

This week on CyberFrequencies, futurist Ray Kurzweil who says man-and-machine will merge and our minds will live forever... on computer servers. There's a new documentary about him on the festival circuit.
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