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When the heat wave hit, many of us assumed the worst when we heard Ed Rosenthal, who brokered the transfer of Clifton's Cafeteria just a few days before, was lost in the Mojave after starting out on a hike. He held a news conference Tuesday at Clifton's to tell his story; here's the sound from that conference. Rosenthal is helping raise funds for search and rescue as a way of paying them back for saving his life. E-mail edrosenthalsurvivor(@)gmail.com for information.
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Santa Clarita: A Gastronomic Mecca?

For the next installment in Off-Ramp's ongoing EAT LA collaboration, writer Jean T. Barrett tells John about an unexpected (and upcoming) foodie destination: Santa Clarita. Click through for info on all of the restaurants and where to find them!
Look at the cornucopia of (some very good) cooking and home improvement shows on cable tv. Rachel Ray, Flip This House ... I'd argue they owe a huge debt to one man who led the way, who proved that people enjoy watching and learning. WGBH's Russell Morash was the founding producer and director of The French Chef with Julia Child, and the creator of Victory Garden, This Old House, and The New Yankee Workshop. With This Old House in LA remodeling a home in Silverlake, it seemed the perfect time for Off-Ramp host John Rabe to call Morash at his home in Massachusetts to find out how and why these landmark shows happened. This is the long (30+ minute) version of John's interview with Morash.
Previews start Friday, October 8, and the official opening is Saturday, October 16 for Athol Fugard's newest play, "The Train Driver," at the Fountain Theatre in Hollywood. Fugard, who splits his time between the San Diego area and South Africa, has won an Oscar, Obie, and Tony. He writes about apartheid, and is the first white South African playwright to collaborate with black actors. Fugard spoke with Off-Ramp's John Rabe; here's the long version of their conversation.
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Arthur Fiedler throws parsley; Mark Peel is surprised

Mark Peel, restaurateur and Off-Ramp contributor, talks with Off-Ramp host John Rabe about decorative and edible parsley.
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Talking Native Plants at the Theodore Payne Foundation

If you're thinking about starting your garden up once and for all, Fall is the perfect time.
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Home Movie Day

Have any old home movies lying around? Wondering what's on them? On Saturday, October 16 you can finally have a look.
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Panic in Pocket Park!

John Rabe and roving city critic Sam Hall Kaplan enjoy a pocket park in downtown Los Angeles. It's Hill Street between 3d and 4th (SEE INSIDE FOR VIDEO)
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