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Zlatan Vukosavljevic says, "Step on it!"

by Off-Ramp®

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Zlatan Vukosavljevic; DuckBunny Chamber, 2010; Aluminum, aluminum plate, foil, tape, and slippers 204 x 96 x 96 in. Zlatan Vukosavljevic

It's a simple thing. A plastic tent covering a pair of slippers duct-taped to the ground. To Zlatan Vukosavljevic, it's about de-cultifying art. He explained it all to KPC's John Rabe.

Zlatan Vukosavljevic is a sculptor and installation artist. Born in Yugoslavia, he studied architecture in Belgrade. In 2004, he collaborated with Los Angeles artist Jason Rhoades at the Kunsthause, Graz in Austria. Along with artists Franz West and Heimo Zobernig, Vukosavljevic created the installation Studiolo during the Venice Biennale in 2005. Studiolo was part of the New Festival at Georges Pompidou Center in Paris 2009, and will be part of the New Decor exhibition, curated by Ralph Rugoff, at Hayward Gallery London in June 2010.

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