OCMA's 2010 California Biennial -- Off-Ramp for 10-27-2010

Agitprop starts a conversation

Mercer 11517

Courtesy Colin Young-Wolff.com

David White of Agitprop conversing with a guest in "The Third Party."

Kevin Ferguson talks with David White about his collective Agitprop's contribution to the Biennial: "The Third Party". It aims to start a conversation with normal, every day people about art, politics, and anything else. He was carting around a table with two chairs and a PA, happy to interview any and all willing participants.

From the OCMA bio: David White, founder of Agitprop, was born in 1976 in Cleveland, Ohio, and lives and works in San Diego. White has a BFA in sculpture from Ohio State University (2005) where he also studied video production and landscape architecture. He is currently working toward an MFA at the University of California, San Diego. White studied landscape design and traditional stone working in Germany, and art and technology in Brazil at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo. Agitprop is a space conceived as a tool for enabling neighborhood connectivity and engagement. White uses art historical conventions as a method of engaging individuals or groups at the scale of the neighborhood

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