OCMA's 2010 California Biennial -- Off-Ramp for 10-27-2010

Why are these artists wearing costumes?

Mercer 11500

Brian Dick/Christen Sperry-Garcia

The Nationwide Museum Mascot Project’s Piñata Cozy with Glowfitti Room, 2010; Piñata cozy: recycled cardboard, newspaper, and tissue; piñata work by Piñata World, El Monte, California. Glow room: plywood, acrylic resin, phosphorus power, and cardboard.

It's not for Halloween! Artist Brian Dick and his partner Christen Sperry-Garcia initiated a nationwide campaign to create mascots for every museum in the nation. They've gone to Brooklyn, San Diego, and even crashed LACMA. It's all in hopes to bring in more and more visitors to museums around the country.

From the OCMA bio: Brian Dick was born 1963 in Las Cruces, New Mexico; lives and works in Long Beach and San Diego. Dick graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles (BA, 1991), and the University of California, San Diego (MFA, 1995). He has participated in numerous gallery shows, museum exhibitions, and film festivals throughout the United States, Europe, and Japan. In 2008 He participated in the New Children’s Museum, San Diego, inaugural exhibition Childsplay with a reinvention of Allan Kaprow’s No Rules Except . . . and Yard. In 2009, together with his partner, Christen Sperry-Garcia, he participated in the Bushwick SITE Fest in Brooklyn, and in 2010 he was featured in Here Not There: San Diego Art Now at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego. Dick received the 2008–9 San Diego Art Prize

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