OCMA's 2010 California Biennial -- Off-Ramp for 10-27-2010

California Biennial Blast from the Past: The Los Angeles Urban Rangers

Mercer 7884

Jackson Musker

Malibu Beach Rangers stake out public land and tell the people how to do it.

Last year, Off-Ramp correspondent Jackson Musker explored hidden private beaches in Malibu with the Off-Ramp Urban Rangers. This year, they're a featured artist in the 2010 California Biennial. Here, again, is Jackson's trip to the beach!

From the OCMA bio: Los Angeles Urban Rangers (LAUR), founded in 2004, is an interdisciplinary collective including artists, writers, architects, and geographers. The Rangers are Nicholas Bauch (b. 1978, Rochester, Minnesota); Sara Daleiden (b. 1975, Waukesha, Wisconsin); Therese Kelly (b. 1972, Pittsburgh); Ron Milam (b. 1975, Torrance, California); Jenny Price (b. 1960, St. Louis); Emily Scott (b. 1971, Bluffton, Indiana); and Sara Wookey (b. 1972, Columbus, Ohio). The Los Angeles Urban Rangers develop guided hikes, campfire talks, field kits, and other interpretive tools to spark creative explorations of everyday habitats, in our home megalopolis and beyond.

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