Hard Times & Gwendoline Yeo - Off-Ramp 11-20-10

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In another installment of Hard Times, Off-Ramp's look at the human cost of the supposedly over recession, Kevin Ferguson talks with Laurel Holliday, mother of three. Her house isn't in foreclosure anymore--it belongs to the bank. She's doing all she can to fight for her house, but she's running out of options.
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KPCC's John Rabe talks with Gwendoline Yeo on the eve of the world premiere of her show "Laughing with my Mouth Wide Open." CLICK THROUGH FOR MORE INFO!
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Luke Butler goes where no artist has gone before

Luke Butler's paintings in this year's biennial focuses exclusively on one of the most popular television series in history: Star Trek. And through the show he weaves a complicated quilt that intersects anguish and fear with masculinity and heroism, not to mention the Captain himself, James T Kirk.
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The 12th annual Native American Music Awards takes place in upstate New York tonight. Los Angeles band Aztlan Underground is nominated in four categories. Its artistic growth has contributed to that recognition. CLICK THROUGH for a special video of the band produced by KPCC!
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Marc Haefele: Mark Twain autobio a "magnificent browse"

The first volume of Mark Twain's autobiography - embargoed by Twin himself for a century - isn't especially revalatory, says Off-Ramp commentator Marc Haefele, but it's a worthwhile book.
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Off-Ramp Web Special: Foodies on Thanksgiving

UPDATE 11-20-2010: Thanksgiving comes every year, so we're serving the most delicious MEMORY leftovers, from Off-Ramp 2009. The great chefs of Los Angeles tell us what's on their Thanksgiving menu this year, plus Pigtails & Sauerkraut, a Wiley Family tradition.
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Dinner Party Download

Dinner Party Download's hosts Rico Gagliano and Brendan Newnam talk drinks, food and culture with Made in Dagenham star Sally Hawkins!
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