This Old House in Silverlake on Off-Ramp, 12/4/2010

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On the set with This Old House in Silverlake

In episodes that premiere in January, This Old House finally comes to Los Angeles. The 30+ year old PBS show is renovating a Spanish home in Silverlake (location secret), but they let Off-Ramp host John Rabe in to talk with host Kevin O'Connor and watch the show being taped. CLICK THROUGH for links to the show and our other This Old House interviews.
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This Old House inventor, Russell Morash

Off-Ramp host John Rabe goes to the source, talking with one of the kings of home and garden/how-to television. Russell Morash invented "This Old House," after inventing "Victory Garden," and producing "The French Chef" with Julia Child. CLICK THROUGH for the long version of my interview.
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Founded in 1911, the Los Angeles Pigeon Club has made a name for itself by celebrating, elevating and exhibiting one of the most ordinary, unavoidable birds in the world. But after one look at the kind of fowl that the LA pigeon club exhibits, and you'll see these birds are anything but ordinary. Just this past week the group held their 100th annual Pageant of Pigeons event in Riverside. Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson went to the club's monthly meeting in El Monte last year.
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Frank Romero Selling Landmark Frogtown Studio

For about thirty years, Frank Romero, the groundbreaking Chicano artist known for his images of LA's car culture and portrayals of LA history like the killing of Ruben Salazar, has worked out of a studio and gallery in Frogtown, the neighborhood sandwiched between the LA River and Riverside Drive. Now, at 70 and spending half the year in France, he's selling the place. He tells Off-Ramp host John Rabe this will be the last year the famous Christmas Show and Sale will be held at the gallery, and he explains why he's been focusing on painting offramps for the last few years. This is the long version of their interview, conducted Monday, November 29th, at the Frogtown studio. CLICK THROUGH for info on the sale, which starts this weekend.
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Painter John Zurier's big sky ethos

If anyone ever deserved the title "painter of light", its Berkley painter John Zurier: his work in this year's biennial practically consume the viewer with a massive expansive of sky blues and cloudy whites. He talks about how, in his paintings, he both tries to transport viewers to far off places and make them think about about the story behind his surreal, ethereal landscapes.
Seth Menachem is a new world Shadchen, an actor, writer, filmmaker, and blogger beleaguered by his single friends to find them mates. So, as he tells Off-Ramp host John Rabe, he started

Mark Peel on Lazy Chickens and Tasty Thighs

If drumsticks taste better, why do so many restaurants only serve chicken breast? That's what Off-Ramp host John Rabe asked Mark Peel, Off-Ramp commentator, celebrity chef, and another (chicken) leg man.

Sing along with the LA Master Chorale!

In December of 2008, John Rabe talked with music director Grant Gershon about the Los Angeles Master Chorale's annual Messiah Sing-a-Long. It's just like the Sound of Music sing-along, only not as campy. It's happening again this year, so CLICK THROUGH for tickets!


The role of video games in the public schools.
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Today, your mind can be flabby but your belly can't, and writer RH Greene figures that puts him at the top of the list.

COME INSIDE to see Greene's actual abs.

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